2013 Year-end Message

It’s been several months since I put pen to paper, make that fingers to keyboard.  As much as I hate to keep up with the headlines, I do.

In just a few short months since my last writing we have seen government managed health care crash before ever getting off the runway, the NSA is listening to everyone’s phone calls, the Middle East is still in turmoil, Miley Cyrus is twerking uncontrollably, Nelson Mandela has passed away, it was announced that the Superbowl could potentially be played on a weekday if there is inclement weather and Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was just booted off his own show.  The travesty of it all.

I like to focus on the positive…it keeps my blood pressure down and I sleep better at night.

While the rest of the world is embroiled in headlines, those that enjoy our Commonwealth’s great outdoors, hunting, fishing, trapping, recreational shooting or just enjoying the view; have a lot to smile about.

Where do I start?  Fall started with some spectacular foliage, a little sprinkle of snow and great temperatures to enjoy outside.  Sportsmen and women of the Commonwealth are enjoying a record deer harvest, the first dedicated archery bear season was a success, Lake Cumberland is well on the mend from the dam project and reports from small game hunters seem to reflect a continued rebound in populations.  Life is good for the sportsmen in Kentucky.

I still haven’t given you a good excuse as to why I am so tardy in delivering this message.  It isn’t a factor of being lazy as I‘ve been quite busy.  My health is good, plenty of fresh air, lots of exercise outdoors…mmm, maybe that’s the real reason.

The fact of the matter is I have many excuses, with most being found two paragraphs back.  If enjoying the outdoors, hunting, fishing, working dogs or simply enjoying the view is culpable, then that’s my excuse and I hope it is your excuse also.  Use it well and encourage others to do the same.

Warm Barrels & Tight Lines.