February 2014 President’s Message

It comes with no surprise that with the Kentucky General Assembly now in full swing that a cadre of last minute legislation is hitting the floor.

Sportsmen need to take heed, paying close attention to legislation that could have drastic ramifications on your 2nd Amendment rights as well as infringe upon your right to hunt, fish and trap within the Commonwealth.

I like to think that most legislation is positively motivated. Alas, many personal, self-serving agendas, lacking broad appeal, like fish swimming upstream make it into a Bill.  Many times the most innocuous, unassuming legislation harbors the greatest potential threat.

Caution is urged, read beyond the synopsis or recap that is offered of legislation.  Dig deep into the body of the Bill, ask yourself at the end of each sentence…What does that mean? How does it affect me? What could that mean?

The 2014 Kentucky General Assembly currently has numerous firearm, fish & wildlife and animal Bills offered for consideration.  While the list of Bills is daunting there are ways to cut to the chase so to speak.

I offer you a quick and easy link which will allow you the opportunity to stay abreast of current  and newly introduced legislation.  Simply follow this link… http://www.lrc.ky.gov/record/14RS/record.htm then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Bill & Amendment Index – Headings.  From this point you can search through the myriad listing of category specific legislation.

Being aware of and reviewing proposed legislation is only the first step.  The next step, while easy, is where most fall short…that is to contact the sponsoring legislator(s), as well as your own representatives.  It is important that you speak out in support of your beliefs.  I assure there are those speaking to the contrary and making their voice heard.  You can locate those that represent you from this link… http://www.lrc.ky.gov/

It’s true that a single voice can make a difference.  Let yourself be heard…it is your God given, constitutional right to be heard by those that represent you.

Warm Barrels & Tight Lines.