Kentucky Squirrel Rifle Shoot – Official Rules

Official Rules and Regulations — Kentucky Squirrel Rifle Shoot

The League of Kentucky Sportsmen sponsors this statewide program. It is designed to provide a safe competitive shooting program for all of Kentucky’s youth and to familiarize the youth and the general public with the League of Kentucky Sportsmen, and Local Sportsmen’s Clubs around the State.


A State Chairman, who will be appointed by the League President for a two-year term, will administer the program. Assisting the State Chairman will be nine District Chairmen, who will be appointed by the President’s of the nine Districts. District Chairmen also serve for two-year terms. To aid continuity, Chairman from even numbered districts shall be appointed on even numbered years, odd numbered Districts on odd numbered years.

Each District Chairperson may have five assistants in addition to the Hunter Education Officers / Instructors in their district to help conduct the Squirrel Rifle Shoots. The shoots must be fired at a local sportsmen’s club or local approved range that is affiliated with the League of Kentucky Sportsmen. Each District Federation has the responsibility to sponsor and promote the Squirrel Rifle Shoot program in their districts.

The State Chairman will issue each District Chairman, a copy of the rules and regulations governing the program, targets and certificates necessary to conduct the shoots, starting January 1st each year.

Shooting Classes

Awards will be made to the winning contestants of the following classes at the State and District levels.

BOYS: 17 to 20 years old                                            GIRLS: 17 to 20 years old

13 to 16 years old                                                         13 to 16 years old

10 to 12 years old                                                         10 to 12 years old

9 years old and under                                                   9 years old and under


One standard target (the LKS Marksmanship Target) will be distributed statewide each year by the State Chairman. This will be the only target that can be entered. These targets will be available starting April 15th of each year and may be shot anytime between April 15th and November 1st. The District Chairmen must submit the winning target from each class to the State Chairman, by November 15th.Target Witness

All targets submitted for score must be witnessed by a District Chairman, any of his assistants or any District Officer, who will sign the target and indicate his position in the District before the target is accepted for score. Each participant must also write their name, age, address, and phone number on each target before it is accepted for score.

Target Fees

There will be no fee charged for targets shot.

Rifles and Ammunition

            Any hunting type 22 caliber, rimfire, light rifle with open field sights may be used. No rifle of a type or weight to be classified as a target rifle may be used. No peep sights or scopes will be permitted.

Only 22-caliber rimfire ammunition, (short, long or long rifle) sub-sonic, standard or high velocity will be allowed.

Range and Position & Shots per Target

            All targets will be shot at a range of 25 yards, from a standing off-hand position. Each competitor will fire 5 shots down range per target. Any target submitted on which more than 5 shots have been fired will be disqualified.


            All targets submitted from District Officers, Assistants and Hunter Education Instructors must be submitted to the District Chairmen to determine District winners. The District Chairman, the League Director and or the Federation President will do all scoring on the district level. At the state, the scoring committee will consist of the State Chairman, the State NRA Representative and the League President or his appointed delegate. Scoring will be done by scoring rings, (break the ring and get the higher point value). If ties exist, the highest number of 10 rings will be the winner; if a tie still exists smallest group will be the winner.

Participant Re-entry

            Any competitor may fire the match as often as they want, and submit as many targets as they want, during the four-month shooting season. Each target shot must be turned in to the shoot coordinator.

Safety and Liability

            All responsibility for the safety of participants and spectators rests with the local affiliated clubs where the shooting will take place. Eye and ear protection must be worn while participating in this competition.

Important Dates

January 1st to November 1st / District competition shooting

November 15th  / All completed, witnessed targets must be in the hands of the State Chairman

January 1st/ State Chairman will notify the LKS President, who in turn shall notify the Board of Directors  for validation of the winners of each class.  No other notification shall be sent other than to the LKS Board of Directors.

May / State Chairman will purchase trophies for the winning competitors and present them at a banquet to be held in their honor.


            District Chairmen are encouraged to purchase trophies for their district winners with resources of their federations and any such donations as they receive or solicit. State awards will be purchased by the State Chairman with funds provided by the LKS Board of Directors. State trophies will be delivered as designated by the State Chairman and presented to the State Champions in each class by the State Chairman and the League President.

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