LKS Message June 2017

The LKS annual convention is now upon us. I encourage everyone to attend and bring along family and friends. The convention is being held at Jenny Wiley State Park at Dewey Lake.

The League of Kentucky Sportsmen is, and always will be, the voice of Kentucky Sportsmen. With like-minded and dedicated sportsmen working together, we have and will continue to improve upon and protect the natural resources of our great state.

One might, and some have ask:  What is the League of Kentucky Sportsmen and what can it do for me?  

Lets start with the later. Within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you may be the weekend angler or the avid fisherman. It may be that precise cast that nets that large mouth bass that you knew was there and hoped you had just the right lure to make him curious enough to strike, or that crappie, small mouth, musky or trout fisherman that has spent hours making your own flies to head out to your own honey hole. Or, are you the bow, modern gun or more traditional firearms hunter that catches that hunting fever well before your choice of season counts down on the calendar.  That trapper that has worked to perfect just the right bait in hopes of filling that trap line.

Several of those opportunities and increases in resources that we view as common place were few and far between a short few years ago. A deer was a rare sight to see, there was no elk herd in the state, there were basically no wild turkey and other resources seemed to be on the decline. Now, with the harvest bountiful, it is easily forgotten the ones that got us to this point. Sportsmen, Sportswomen, sportsmen clubs and groups unified together to form a League of Kentucky Sportsmen to ensure that this and future generations can enjoy the resources that only other states can envy.

Now we are asked, what is the League and what can it do for me? One of the greatest saying of all times was by President John F. Kennedy. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Here is my quote, or saying ” A forest is not just one tree, it’s several standing together.” With those two sayings in mind, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen is its membership, you the member. As a member, your concerns, ideas and changes becomes part of the Leagues. Our power is within our people, the membership. Join, be active, attend meetings in your federation and hold those you elect accountable. Be a part and stand with us as we stand with you, the sportsman.

The League of Kentucky Sportsmen WILL be your unified voice, monitoring legislation, addressing  your concerns to the Department of Fish and Wildlife and continuing to protect and preserve the natural resources of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.