Need A Reason To Go Fishing?

This is the fourth year we have stocked white crappie in Blood River (Kentucky Lake). We just stocked about 200,000 this past week. This study was initiated in 2009. Although, very few studies of stocking white crappie have shown to be beneficial, it is being attempted at Kentucky Lake on a small scale by only using Blood River. Jonathan Creek is not being stocked so that it can be used as a comparison during this study.

The crappie that have been stocked were all marked with a chemical called OTC. Marking the fish will help determine if a white crappie was stocked or naturally spawned in Kentucky Lake. In order to see the mark, the otolith of the fish would have to be examined under a special lighted microscope.

The white crappie stocked in 2009 should now be larger than the minimum length limit, which is 10 inches. So now it is time to run a little test and see how many of the stocked fish show up in anglers creels.

Who needs a reason to go crappie fishing at Blood River on November 3, 2012?

What I would like to do is have a group of anglers fish at Blood River for crappie on this day. The anglers can keep their fish. I just need to remove the otoliths from the white crappie. On this Saturday, we would be at the Wildcat Boat ramp in Blood River. As anglers finish fishing, they could bring their fish by our booth. We would perform the needed surgery on the white crappie to remove the otoliths. We would later observe the otoliths for an OTC mark in order to determine if the fish was a stocked fish or not.

Of course we would hope for good weather this day, but weather might dictate how long we wait around at the ramp.

The best thing to do is email me ( or call me (270-753-3886) if you would like to help out. The more anglers we have participate the better the sample size, and the more valid the results will be.