Improving Small Game Habitat

In the summer of 2014, the League of Kentucky Sportsmen HILAF (Habitat Improvement Land Acquisition Foundation) donated (2) large Bobcat Skid steer Units and (2) Hydra-clip Tree Shears.  The following is a segment from KY Afield showcasing this equipment in action while working on Paintsville Wildlife Management Area in eastern Kentucky.  The speed and efficiency of this equipment is staggering when compared to traditional methods using chainsaws.  Soon the equipment will be leaving eastern Kentucky and moving across the state to achieve an annual goal of creating, improving or maintaining 2500 acres of small game habitat.  Hope you enjoy the segment.

2014 Casting Winners

all rights JIM GALLOPGirls 10 – 12 – Isabella Bastien
Girls 13 – 16 – Katie Ballard
Girls 17 – 20 – Jessi Johnson

Boys 9 & Under – Austin Ballard
Boys 10 – 12 – Logan Avery (highest score in state with 82)
Boys 13 – 16 – Luke Goode
Boys 17 – 20 – Nick Wilson


10-12 y.o.
REECE GENTILE                   SCORE 36         3RD DISTRICT
13-16 y.o.
KATIE BALLARD              SCORE 35         4TH DISTRICT
17-20 y.o.
MEGAN  WILSON            SCORE 36          4TH DISTRICT
GABE KIDD                      SCORE 28         8TH DISTRICT
10-12 y.o.

EVAN BARKER                SCORE 30   8TH DISTRICT
13-16 y.o.
17-20 y.o.

District chairpeople:

1st  Kevin Murphy  935 Bryants Ford Rd Paducah KY  42003  270-994-7482
2nd  No Contact
3rd   Serena King-Price  276 Huber Station Rd  Shepherdsville KY  40165  502-301-4718
4th   Cathy Ballard    5552 Boston Rd  Bardstown KY  40004  502-827-3360 or 859-750-3142
5th   Josh Lillard  1895 Airport Exchange Blvd  Erlanger KY
6th   Luann Johnson  PO Box 445 Lawrenceburg KY  40342  502-598-1533
7th   Jerry Stiltner   181 Price Ave   Elkhorn City KY  41522   606-754-9009
8th   Ronnie Caudill  225 Caudill Cemetery Rd  Morehead KY  40351  606-784-5397
9th   No Contact

Hevi Shot Recall

hevishotSome lots of Hevi-Shot & Hevi-Steel have been recalled due to a wad material defect that could lead to a safety problem.

If you have one of these products, please check the applicable lot numbers using the link below, compared to the lot # printed on the inside flap of your box(es). 

Get the full release of information and affected products by downloading the hevishotPSA here.

League of KY Sportsmen Habitat Improvement Land Acquisition Foundation Leads the Charge for Upland Game Habitat

Pictured left to right. Past President Rick Allen, President Kevin Murphy, Past Presidents Rollie Beers, Mark Nethery, Ronnie Wells.

Sportsmen and women in Kentucky are among a handful to be blessed with teaming numbers of game in their state.

Whitetail deer numbers are at all-time highs, wild turkey populations are stable, our elk herd is strong at approximately 10,000 head and our black bear populations are steadily increasing. What more could an outdoor aficionado want!

A critical element lacking in not only Kentucky’s majestic landscape, but in most states across the country, are burgeoning small game populations.

Since the late 1970’s, a steady decline has been seen particularly in few small game species such as ruffed grouse and bobwhite quail.

There are many schools of thought as to why these two species of upland game birds have been spiraling into oblivion, ranging from an increase in predation to nothing more than cyclical population change.

However, there is one commonality that those who would debate such a population decline can and do agree on…loss of habitat.

Long gone are the days of over grown fence rows, fallow fields and crop remnants. Clean farming practices, in an effort to maximize crop production has put an end to the aforementioned. Throw in a sprinkling of fescue and then you’ve got a real loss of habitat on your hands.

Recognizing a loss of habitat as key factor in the decline of upland game species is not that tough of a call. What is tough is reversing the suffered losses.

Both on private and public land habitat have been lost. While private land is now farmed fencerow to fencerow; public land has suffered from the lack of timbering allowing dense canopies to form preventing the proliferation of undergrowth and brush critical to upland species.

The League of Kentucky Sportsman Habitat Improvement Land Acquisition Foundation (LKS HILAF) in the past has made significant donations to aid in the development of upland habitat such a chainsaws, All-Terrain Vehicles and even 4000 alder seedlings.
In June of 2014 the LKS HILAF announced a donation of approximately $150,000 in the form of equipment designed to expedite tree removal, thus promoting new growth and habitat for upland species.

Referred to as the largest single donation of its type, the equipment will not be assigned to any particular Wildlife Management Area, but will be targeted to key areas across the state. As a condition of this donation, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife and the LKS HILAF has set annual goals as to the number of acres to be cleared annually.

During the November 2014 KDFWR Committee meeting the donated equipment was officially delivered. Plans are underway for the equipment to begin work in the Ruffed Grouse Zones in the eastern part of the state.

The donation of the equipment consists of (2) Bobcat 770 Skid Steer Units with all-terrain tracks, (2) Hydra-Clip Tree Shears with sprayers. To see an example of the this type of impressive equipment in action go here.

Prescribed Burning

“Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.”  William Allingham

Fire…this single word ignites emotion on many levels. Fire warms our cold bodies. We enjoy the roaring campfire as we celebrate with friends or revel in it’s simplicity.
Yet fire can evoke fear and thoughts of destruction…especially if introduced into our forests and fields in careless, reckless ways.

But that same fire, executed in a prescribed, methodical fashion, by seasoned professionals can coax new life from old or abandoned fields.

Take a minute to not only learn, but see the results of “Prescribed Burning” by watching this short video.

“And the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes.”

Bid On and Bag A Trophy Bull Elk!

elkThe League of Kentucky Sportsmen, a 501 c(3), by special award from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, is offering the highest bidder the opportunity to hunt a trophy bull elk from the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi.

Proceeds from this hunt will be used exclusively for habit improvement within the state of Kentucky and conservation education.

Kentucky boasts the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi.  A Kentucky Commissioner Bull Elk Tag is one of the most sought after tags in the United States.  This tag allows the hunter access to all Elk Hunt Units in Kentucky as well as the choice of archery or gun hunt…based on seasons determined by the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.

Winning bidder will be required to purchase a statewide hunting license. This tag is available to either resident or non-resident hunter. Upon payment, winner will be issued proper paperwork from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife


2014 Squirrel Rifle & Casting Competition Winners

Squirrel Rifle Competition Winners

Girls 9 & Under – 8th District – Teryan Cloud – Score 18
Girls 10 – 12 – 3rd District – Molly Holt – Score 28
Girls 13 – 16 – 8th District – Jerrica Stapleton – Score 35
Girls 17 – 20 – 3rd District – Nicole King – Score 36

Boys 9 & Under – 4th District – Austin Ballard– Score 30
Boys 10 – 12 – 8th District – JT Rice – Score 38
Boys 13 – 16 – 4th District – Kurklin Wilson – Score 40
Boys 17 – 20 – 4th District – Nick Wilson – Score 42

Casting Competition Winners

Girls 9 & Under – 8th District – Teryan Cloud – Score 55
Girls 10 – 12 – 4th District – Makayla Ballard – Score 62
Girls 13 – 16 – 6th District – Lucinda Fairbanks – Score 74
Girls 17 – 20 – 4th District – Megan Heide – Score 69

Boys 9 & Under – 8th District – Dakota Joe Rice – Score 62
Boys 10 – 12 – 4th District – Trenton Petersen – Score 68
Boys 13 – 16 – 4th District – Kurklin Wilson – Score 72
Boys 17 – 20 – 4th District – Nick Wilson – Score 67