Presidents Message August 2017



Dear Members and Kentucky Sportsmen and Women: 

In early June I received the honor of being selected to serve as President of the League of Kentucky Sportsmen (LKS).  Two of my primary reasons for serving, and based on feedback from many of you, are as follows:


  • Grow the LKS by increasing the membership, both in terms of member clubs and individual members. Recover lost clubs and members, often due only to missed communications at the local level during changes of officers.  Locate and enlist new clubs.  Create a culture where LKS educates the outdoor community as to the benefit of belonging to a statewide blanket organization representing all sportsmen and women.  Make folks realize that most everything affecting our outdoor opportunities has its origins in Frankfort either through the Legislature, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR), other state agencies, the Farm Bureau, etc.  Clearly, it is in everyone’s best interest to be represented there by one strong and unified group, able to deal in a respectful and professional manner with a variety of people on a variety of issues.  That organization is and has long been the LKS.  Everyone recognizes strength in numbers, hence our priority in re-growing the LKS to best represent you.  Each officer/director has received my challenge to accomplish

             this in their area.


  • Maintain, improve and continue to grow our longstanding and supportive partnership with the KDFWR at every opportunity. And on occasions when we find ourselves on opposite sides of an issue, as will certainly happen from time to time, we must agree to disagree respectfully, always with the interests of Kentucky sportsmen and women foremost, consider all sides of an issue, let the issue be decided, and move forward.  KDFWR has pledged full appreciation and support for the LKS, as well as improved communications, and open and frank discussions on any points of misunderstanding between us.  We feel excited about this mutual reaffirmation of cooperation and support.


On that note, the LKS has purchased and donated, thru the H.I.L.A.F., a barge for much-needed habitat improvement in Western Kentucky, and a Tele-Handler for use statewide, also for habitat improvement.  We will be presenting these to KDFWR at two well-publicized ceremonies.  These have been purchased by your license plate money, administered by LKS, and are the result of your support of the LKS, its efforts for habitat improvement/outdoor opportunity, and the work of the KDFWR to make these ideas a reality.  Remember, the end purpose of all our efforts is to make sure our outdoor culture is passed on to future Kentuckians. 

We will have more good news to report but I will close for now by saying thanks for your support and that of the officers/directors for helping me to continue the LKS in a positive, unified direction. 

Chet Hayes/President