Presidents Report December 2017





Dear Members and Kentucky Sportsmen and Women:



            From the LKS, here’s wishing everyone a successful fall hunting and fishing season and best wishes for the upcoming holidays and the year 2018.


            We Kentuckians are blessed with an abundance of outdoor opportunity unmatched by most other states.  It is up to us to protect this for future generations.  The best ways to accomplish this include:


  • Constant vigilance to combat efforts by animal rights groups, gun control advocates, “eco-preservationists” and others to end sport hunting, fishing, gun ownership and public land access for consumptive uses of fish and wildlife. This must be done by legislative awareness and monitoring, proactive partnership with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources (KDFWR), grassroots support of sportsmen and women throughout Kentucky at the district level, through LKS, education and recruitment of our youth, and more.


  • Increasing the membership of the LKS in each wildlife district of the state, in terms of both member clubs and individual members. Most of us, as LKS members, hunt or fish on private land(s) with permission of the landowner(s).   If each LKS member, to show appreciation, would sign up one or more of these landowners as a new LKS member, our membership would double (or more) in a year’s time.  Think of that.


  • RETAIN, RETAIN, RETAIN existing clubs and members and GROW GROW GROW by creating a culture of service and tangible benefit – in other words, demonstrate by action and performance, the value of the LKS as the #1 organization representing sportsmen and women here in the Commonwealth.  A strong and unified performance record will bring new and committed people into our ranks as future members, officers, and directors.  At all times, we must act with honesty, fairness, openness and integrity with everyone we deal with, on every issue, no exceptions.


       We’d like to cover, now, some events to bring each of you up to date on LKS involvement for our members in several issues of importance:


  • In September, LKS presented to KDFWR, a telehandler and barge for habitat improvement, from the H.I.L.A.F. fund (license plate sales). We received many thanks and praise from the Department for these donations.


  • LKS, upon feedback from our members, continues to oppose the proposed license fee increases, for reason included in our position statement on our website.


  • At the request of our sportsmen and women in the 9th District, LKS is fighting to prevent elimination of hunting on 300+ acres leased from the Army Corps of Engineers by Pulaski County, to extend hiking and mountain bike trails on public land originally designated for hunting. LKS members Blane Kretzer, Dale Weddle and Jimmy Cantrell are working hard to prevent what might be a dangerous precedent.  One of the main policies of the LKS has always been NO NET LOSS of public lands for hunting and fishing opportunities.  As things progress, check out our website for updates.



The LKS officers and Board of Directors will meet December 9th for a quarterly meeting.  If your club, or you as a member, have an issue of concern, convey that to your League Director or to the League Office for discussion and consideration.  We work for you.



Chet Hayes