The Season Of The Sportsman

October is a magical time of year, one of my favorites.

Days grow shorter and shadows grow longer.  Nights are cold and days are refreshing.  The smell of a campfire and the glow of the flames bounce off our faces as we take in the night sky of twinkling lights.

This is the time of year that the sportsmen and women of our Commonwealth relish in the splendor of our country sides.

Fishing is still brisk, days afield are underfoot.  Regardless of your outdoor passion, October is the time to step out into a palate of colors.

The shimmering colors of autumn leaves…the golds, reds and yellows, crystal blue skies and the dancing sparkles of crisp, clear, blue water shout from the wondrous landscape you behold.

Breathe deep, taking in the smells of the fall harvest, falling leaves and the scent of changing seasons ahead.

Squirrels jump for limb to limb, grabbing acorns and nuts for their winter larder.  Deer graze on the freshly harvested fields, fattening up for the winter cold.  Honking geese fly south in their unmistakable formations.

So are the sights and sounds of this wondrous time of year, and so will it change into the drab grays of winter.  Winter will become spring, bringing us another array of colors, leading us back to summer.

Enjoy each of the seasons and the opportunities they bring.

Warm Barrels & Tight Lines.

Mark Nethery
League of Kentucky Sportsmen