The August LKS meeting will be held on Aug 5th at the Anderson County Sportsmen Club. All members of LKS are welcome to attend.

            8:30 am until ?

1070 Old Joe Road, Lawrenceburg Ky.


Location of Anderson County Sportsmens Club
Location of Anderson County Sportsmens Club



The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has proposed Resident License Fee increases.

Our Position Statement

LKS Position Statement on KDFWR License Fee Increase Proposal

The Voice Of The Kentucky Sportsman.


 THE STORY OF The League of Kentucky Sportsmen Inc.

We consider the League “the lay arm” of The Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. We work hand in hand with them for the upgrading of The Department and exert every pressure and individual influence, as interested private citizens, to deter any legislation which we consider to be detrimental to The Department or the organized sportsmen’s programs. Conversely, we put The Department on notice, and use our influence, to correct any inefficiencies we may detect in The Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. This kind of cooperation, the department with the League and the League with The Department has been a most compatible relationship and has been, we think, the greatest and largest single contribution to the sportsmen of Kentucky.

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